Ever wish you had lifestyle expert that was relatable and understood you? Someone who inspires you and makes time to help you achieve your lifestyle goals? Someone who is equal parts a friend, mentor, health advisor, nutritional counselor, personal stylist and wellness educator? 

Hello, my name is Nkechi; I am your personal lifestylist.

For creatives, entrepreneurs, artists, practitioners, performers, public figures and self-inquiring individuals who want to live a fully expressed life rooted in authentic truth, balanced by your unique ideal lifestyle...

 That life you always dreamed of having is yours.


NDN Individual Lifestyle Offerings:


The Lifestyle Intensive

$500 Investment

A 5 hour 1/2 day experience of mindful movement, visualization, goal setting, a healthy lunch + desire mapping for a clear sense of purpose and direction.


The Mindful Creative Intensive 

$1000 Investment

2 5 hour 1/2 day experiences (over 2 days) of meditation, mindful movement, embodied presence and mindful styling, a healthy lunch + visualization for a clear sense of purpose and direction.

The Complete Lifestyle Experience 

$1750 Investment

12 sessions over the course of 6 months to discover how meditation, self-inquiry, nutrition, mindful movement and embodied styling can support all your lifestyle goals. Together we will discover a clear vision for your life and create the course for you to achieve and sustain it.


Let's schedule a complimentary 15 minute session.